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PROFUTURO.IO delivers software and End-to-End solutions for IoT.
You can use our Cloud for free for your IoT devices.
Build own End-to-End solution, leave us technical issues
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Professional IT consulting

iot edge consulting

Our Customers get various technical options that have sales and competitor analysis.

Over 20 years of software development, architecture, product and project management and business development gives our company a unique view into professional software development.

We focus at a delivery - as fast as possible - to be able to recognize specific requirements and environment the solutions will be operating in. That allows to eliminate waste like wrong features and unnecessarily complex solutions.

Be Eco
Build Ultra low power IoT devices

Want to live forever?

Build ultra low power device that lives for years.
Download our embeded software for most popular boards. Select proper radio module and start sending data to the world.


IoT solutions are complex but... we make it easy
with our Cloud solution

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bespoke edge computing


Dedicated Edge modules together with auto discovery mesh network allow to process date on the edge.
Offline processing data close to its origin is the core concept of IoT.
 Use our provisioning portal to remotely upgrade your fleet of IoT Edge devices

Become an Iot expert. Check the code.
Be a Pioneer in IoT world

arduino,raspberry pi software

Code for Iot Devices

Software for LoRaWan RF modules

RF modules

With PROFUTUTO.IO platform you can play with all IoT puzzles.




Radio Transceivers

Edge Computing



Network Peering

Network Integrations

Cloud Data Procession

End User Visualization

Our business model based on a partnership.
We have more than 20 years of experience in building big networks, embedded software, and RF communication.
We are happy to support your commercial solutions.
We help with IoT devices assembly, pre-production validation, antennas selection, coverage calculation.
Remember our Network Servers are always for free even for commercial solutions.
We provide also bespoke embedded software for IoT devices, Edge software including AI & ML, Azure cloud solutions, Mobile and Web apps. So long story short – Scalable IoT integrated solutions for your Business Operations and Challenges

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